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Radovan Milicevic
Radovan Milicevic
Program Manager
of Forum NGOs, Director
of Civic Action LINGUA


Forum of Nongovernmental Organizations - Kraljevo (Forum NGOs) is an association of two non-government organisations - Civic Action LINGUA and NGO "Imagine Serbia". These NGOs are non-parties, non-profitable organisations intended for promotion of human rights, spreading the idea of civic society, struggling for democratization of the system, struggling against corruption, education of the young in domain of culture, informing, ecology...

Civic Action LINGUA was established in 1997 during citizen’s protests against the regime of Milosevic. With Belgrade Centre for Human Rights, through Forum NGOs Kraljevo, we emerged as an organisation through a large number of activities aimed at sensitizing local population on issues of democracy and tolerance during the height of Milosevic's regime. At the very outbreak of the Kosovo displacement crisis in June 1999, we assumed responsibilities in emergency assistance to the massive number of IDPs moving towards north. Information and database relating to internally displaced persons (IDPs) provided by Forum prove to have been essential professional background for most of international agencies and NGOs involved in humanitarian assistance.

Since November 1999 owing to their large scope of activities, Forum NGOs has been the implementing partner to Norwegian Peoples' Aid in realising all the projects aimed to humanitarian, developing and psycho-social assistance for the IDPs and the refugees settled at the territory of Kraljevo region. Since September 1999 Forum has also been the implementing partner in realization of the projects of French organization titled "CCFD", the aim of which is provision of economic assistance to vulnerable population through the programmes of micro credits in Central Serbia region as well as spreading pluralism by strengthening NGOs and the civil society in Serbia. Since May 2001, Forum has been the implementing partner of the Centre for the Development of the Non-Profit Sector (CRNPS) from Belgrade in opening an Office of Regional Centre for Development of Non-Profit Sector of Central Serbia (CRNPSCS) in Kraljevo.

Forum NGOs is active through a wide range of social activities and civil actions aimed to solving local community problems of self-management capacities building, social integration, and multicultural interaction. Most of the activities take place at LINGVA Centre located in Kraljevo. The Centre has become a recognizable place for all socially deprived population categories as a spot where solidarity and social support are made use of.

We achieve our tasks at two locations in Kraljevo. One is intended for administration (offices), and the other comprises the LINGUA Centre where most of the activities take place, such as Women’s Club, Legal aid, Micro Crediting Programme; Volunteering Centre; Medical/Psychological Advisory; Computer School and Internet Café (computer training for young people); Info Desk (information service) – all being intended for the most vulnerable population. Additionally, we have realised several training seminars on Organisation Strategic Planning for directors and managers of public enterprises and municipality services. We have also realised training seminars on Business Plan Writing aimed to private business development.

Presently, there are 8 Forum activists (engineers, students, agronomists, teachers, economists, lawyers, medical doctors, psychologists, etc.) at the Centre engaged in projects realisation. Besides, we have over 30 members of various professions and 27 volunteers. We favour teamwork organised in accordance with particular projects/problems being worked on.

In the democratization and transition process we make efforts to help those citizens who were impoverish in the processes mentioned. Having identified and addressed the most current problems of the society, such as high unemployment rates, poverty, revitalization of villages, we try to support citizens to solve the key problems with economic self-strengthening projects, micro credits, education of citizens (yoth) and employed in system institutions.

We are sure this is an adequate way of creating the preconditions for initiation and development of civic society as the first step in organising a modern state.

Radovan Milicevic
Forum NGOs- Kraljevo

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