Projects supported by:

Norwegian People's Aid
South East Europe

CCFD-Terre Solidaire

Olof Palmes
Internationella Centrum

Studenter for Romfolket

Royal Norwegian
Embassy, Belgrade


British Embassy, Belgrade

Norwegian Refugee Council

Hellenic Development Network European Perspective

Co-operating Netherlands Foundations for Central and Eastern Europe

Sweden Helsinki Committee

Westminster Foundation
for Democrasy


Balkan Community Initiatives Fund

International Orthodox Christian Charities


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Annual Report for 2009Annual Report for 2009

Annual Report for 2008Annual Report for 2008

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Annual Report for 2006Annual Report for 2006

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Annual Report for 2003

LINGVA Community Development Centre Programme
[In progress] 3 projects:

Legal Aid
[Since September 1999]

Women Club
[Since August 2001]

Medical Advisory
[Since September1999]

Support to IDPsSupport to the setting up of refugees and displaced associations [February 2008 - February 2012]

RightsI Want to Realize My Rights!
[May 2010 - January 2011]

[August 2006 - May 2008]

PovertyPoverty Reduction of IDPs through Micro crediting Program
[April 2001 - August 2009]

Imagine Serbia
[November 2004 - August 2008]

Poverty reduction through struggle against Corruption!
[March 2005 - March 2006]

Be brave! Say no to corruption!
[March 2004 - December 2004]

Poverty Reduction through Micro-crediting programme
[Since June 2002]

A Friend in Need
[September 2001 - March 2009]

[March 2003 - March 2004]

Strengthening Civil Society through Central Serbia NGO Coalition
[October 2002 - October 2003]

Promotion of pluralism by strengthening of NGO and civic society in Serbia
[June 2002 - June 2004]

Strengthening of civic society institutions - NGO capacity building and development of regional network in Central Serbia
[May 2002 - September 2004] in cooperation with CRNPS Belgrade

NGO Support Center Program
[July 2002 - December 2002]

Partners for Development
[April 2002 - July 2003] micro credits project for local people

Anti-Corruption - Be brave, say NO! to corruption!
[February 2002 - March 2003]

Legal Aid to the Roma Refugees from Kosovo settled in Macedonia
[December 2001 - July 2003]

One Volunteer to Another
[November 2001 - March 2002]

I am also the citizen of this town
[October 2001 - April 2002] anti-xenophobia project

Reconstruction of four collective centers in Kraljevo municipality
[July 2001 - March 2003]

Aid to Roma IDPs settled in the collective centre "Old Airport" in Kraljevo
[June 2001 - March 2002]

Distribution of hygienic packages in 23 collective centers and school packages in 7 primary schools in Kraljevo municipality
[April 2001 - July 2001]

Building the CC "Norwegian's House"
[September 2000 - June 2001]

Let us also see the light for once
[December 2000] Voters mobilization in rural areas of five municipalities

Final Countdown
[December 2000] Young voters mobilization project, realized in 4 municipalities

[August 2000 - September 2000] Voters mobilization project

New Year gifts for 350 children settled in collective centers in Kraljevo municipality
[December 1999]

Help for the IDPs settled in 14 collective centers in Kraljevo and Pozega municipalities
[November 1999 - June 2001] Distribution of food, clothes and hygienic items

Urgent help for 2.500 IDPs/refugees settled in 24 collective centers in Kraljevo municipalities
[September 1999 - April 2001]

The role of NGO in solving local government problems
[September 1999 - December 1999]

What kind of local self-government do we need?
[August 1999 - August 2000]

Project of creating Civic Parliament of Serbia
[June 1999 - June 2000]

The role of professional journalism in public informing
[December 1998 - December 1999]


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