Imagine Serbia Lingua: Imagine Serbia

Volunteering Centre: A friend in Need
Volunteering Centre:
"A freend in Need",
Lingua Centre,
Olga Jovicic street 24.
Tel: 036/320-300

Smanjenje siromastva kroz mikro-kreditni program
Poverty Reduction through Micro- Crediting Programme
Lingua Centre, Olga Jovicic
street 24. Tel: 036/320-300

Poster: Corruption in PoliceBooklet: Enough with Corruption
Poster: Corruption in Education
Poster: Corruption in Health CarePoster: Corruption in Jurisdiction
"Poverty reduction through struggle against Corruption"  Lingua Centre, Olga Jovicic street 24.
Tel: 036/320-300

Encouraging young people to place and promote their ideas through politics "Initiative, Sense and Conscience"(ISAC)
[March 2003- May 2008]

Program Manager

Download CV Radovan Milicevic, MSc.

Project Coordinators:

Mirjana Stevanovic, Psychologist

Milan Stevanovic, Doctor

Dusanka Jakovljevic, Designer

Rosanda Lazic, Designer




Project Assistance:

Stefan Krsmanovic, Student

Legal Assistance:

Dejan Jovic, Lawyer

Igor Jovicic, Legal Adviser

Economic strengthening programs:

Ranko Milicevic, Economist




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